Theatre Reviews

Topher Payne’s Perfect Arrangement at RLT Is Thought Provoking, But with Loads of Laughs

“Melanie Simmons’ ditsy Kitty is the perfect counterbalance for the drama, and her airheaded ways brought many smiles and giggles our way.  Simmons’ Kitty was a needed relief from the difficulties of the other couples, and her spontaneous entrances created lighthearted chaos in the private lives of the others.

Raleigh Little Theatre’s Perfect Arrangement Amuses While Warning Against Loss of Human Rights


“Melanie Simmons pulled off a particularly difficult coup, playing the silly, clueless socialite Kitty with enough reality to allow her final scene to reveal unexpected layers.”

Theater Review: Pequod Productions’ No Exit Is a Problematic but Promising Attempt at an Existential Classic

“Going away, Simmons had the best night of the three, excavating the obscurities of Estelle.”

Pequod Productions Presents No Exit


“Best was Melanie Simmons’ Estelle, her feigned innocence, her disgust with Inez’s come-ons, and her attempts to attract Garcin were nuanced and amusing, despite some Kewpie-doll characteristics. She also impressively conveyed fear, sadness, and not a little insanity in various visions of her past.”

Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit Is Thought Provoking and Surprisingly Funny


“Melanie Simmons, who plays Estelle, brings a wonderful false innocence to the proceedings. Simmons exquisitely portrays Estelle’s vanity and insecurities, and Simmons makes the audience want to be sympathetic with Estelle’s plight…”

Theatre Review: No Exit

“Melanie Simmons…finds a suitable middle ground, playing the snobbish Estelle with terrific honesty and nuance.”